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Efficacy of Scorched RiceIntroduction of Nurungji

Efficacy of Scorched Rice

  • 1. Brain development

    Chewing scorched rice is a good exercise for the jaw which stimulates the brain. It does not only help to improve concentration and memory but also prevents cerebral vascular disease.

  • 2. Enhanced Immunity

    Scorched rice contains a lot of carbon, which not only enhances immunity but also helps to detoxify bad toxins in the body.

  • 3.Hangover relief

    Scorched rice contains a lot of amino acids, so it increases the energy of the body by helping the recovery and regeneration of the body as well as helping to relieve hangovers.

  • 4. Improvement of bowel function

    Scorched rice water made from scorched rice has a lot of monosaccharide which is a kind of digestible carbohydrate, helping with improved digestion.

  • 5. Weight control

    Scorched rice is low in calories and contains balanced nutrients, enough to be a nutritious meal. In addition, scorched rice makes people full and satisfied easily, therefore popular as a diet food.

  • 6. Meals for cancer treatment

    Due to the loss of appetite during cancer treatment, patients are not likely to get enough nutrients. Scorched rice is recommended as food for those going under treatment as it is easy to digest, has small amount of food odor, and is rich in dietary fiber, helping to remove waste products from the body.

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